Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Intellectual Property Rights Policy

Latest Revision: April 10, 2018

Please print out this Intellectual Property Rights Policy for future reference.

We are fully aware that technologies and innovations are the foundations for LoMoStar’s existence and development. We will do our utmost to protect your intellectual property rights. We expect you to respect the intellectual property rights of LoMoStar and other users.

We welcome supervision from the public and the regulatory bodies and will establish a special department to monitor, detect and combat infringement of intellectual property rights. This Intellectual Property Rights Policy (“the Policy”) is hereby formulated to define ownership of intellectual property rights and set up an intellectual property rights protection system.

1. Intellectual Property Rights Owned by LOMOSTAR

a. All the marks, layouts, type settings, texts, graphics and diagrams contained in the network services offered through and the LoMoStar APP on all sorts of mobile ends, including but not limited to WeChat, Html5, IOS and Android (“Website”), are under protection of the copyright laws, trademark laws and any other applicable laws and owned by Chain2All Technology Limited (“Company”). Unless otherwise provided herein, the aforesaid items must not be released or used, directly or indirectly, on any platform, rewritten or re-released for release or use purposes or used for any commercial purposes without prior consent of the Company.


All the materials or content of this Website shall be under protection of the copyright laws and the copyrights of such materials or content shall be owned by the Company, except for the content indicated as quotations from other sources. Without prior written consent of the Company or other related party, no person shall replicate, distribute, reprint, play, link or transmit through hyperlinks, load into other servers by method of images, store in the information retrieval system or use for any other commercial purposes the content of this Website, except for non-commercial purposes, personal downloading or printing purposes (on the condition that no change shall be made and the copyright statements or the ownership statements shall be kept).


All the logos, marks, symbols, trademarks and other items used and displayed on this Website shall be the property of this Website (except for those items indicated as property of others) and shall not be used without consent of the applicable authorized person.

2.Users’ Obligations

a.The users of this Website shall be aware and guarantee that: 

(1). No information released by the Users on this Website, including demand information, technical solutions, design proposals and others(“Information”), shall infringe the intellectual property rights and other related rights of any third party, nor violate the obligations under any agreements between the Users and any third parties (including but not limited to the employers and partners of the Users and any governments) or under the law.

(2). The Users shall notify this Website in advance of all the pledges, mortgages and other encumbrances, if any, created over the intellectual property rights pertaining to the Information;

(3). All the third-party approvals necessary for the use of the aforesaid intellectual property rights have been obtained and reported to this Website for registration.

b.The Company undertakes to: properly protect all the intellectual property rights disclosed by the Users on this Website.

3. Intellectual Property Rights Protection Mechanism

a. In case of infringement by any third party of the rights of the Users, the Users agree to authorize this Website or its authorized agent to give warnings, file lawsuits or take other actions against such third party on behalf of the website or the Users and to join the efforts of right protection as this Website deems necessary.

b. This Website has the right to examine the content posted by the Users in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and take actions against the infringing content in accordance therewith.

c.If you find any content of this Website that infringes your legitimate rights and interests as an individual or entity, please promptly contact this Website and provide legally binding written evidence for us to take measures. The said written evidence includes: 

(1). the ownership certificate of the intellectual property rights in question;

(2). identity certificate, address and contact information of the owner and/or authorized agent of the intellectual property rights in question;

(3). the location on the Website, description and infringement evidence of the infringing content; and

(4). other legally binding evidence required.

d. This Website strives to establish a strict and orderly internal information security control mechanism and improve the authority management modules, so as to give proper protection to the information provided by the Users and the intellectual property rights pertaining thereto.