Apology from the team for using the wrong address for coin allocation

Dear LoMo friends,

We unexpectedly sent LoMoCoins out from the team coin address: explorer.lomocoin.com/address/sTgoTPxXsGYLBfuBiixtsXhPwyacGq8Cpr. After our investigation we found that we made a mistake in the process of angel investor coin thawing. We should have thawed the angel address: http://explorer.lomocoin.com/address/sczHcEm9kUux6qMVHqHiokCn7RHDFkShuE. The locked-up coins allocated to the angels were therefore mistakenly taken from the team’s share.

We corrected our error and the balance of the two addresses has returned to normal. We are very sorry for this operational error, and in the future will add a confirmation process to unlock the locked coins so as to ensure 100% compliance with the fund utilization plan we disclosed to the public. Thank you for your attention and for all your help.

Kind regards,

LoMo Team